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Paul J. Camire, Master Fabricator

Paul Camire of Dirt Frog Furniture

Paul J Camire, Owner

I'm owner, Paul J Camire. I have 35+ years of custom fabrication experience and a focus on quality. I believe my work is a reflection of me and the choices I make are important.


My Story....


My Dad was a self employed finish carpenter most of his life. When he left the Army, he got a job at the post office and a secure future most would be thrilled about. However, he, was frustrated. He wasn't being creative. So he left the sure thing to strike out on his own. He'd strap his toolbox on the back of his three speed bike, and head out to a customers home to build cabinets or install trim. On weekends, he'd take me along. Sometimes I'd help, other times I'd dream about fishing. Always, I had an appreciation for the fine craftsmanship.

After wandering the wilds of Alaska and Montana, I returned home to New Hampshire and chose a different path for my creative outlet - metal fabrication. I've spent most of my 30+ year career fabricating custom pieces or managing a team of talented fabricators.


In my off time, I created furniture for friends & family, crafting metal legs, brackets and hardware. Soon others were inquiring and a new business was born. I had a very successful metal leg business. In 2021 we introduced the garden elements line and starting in 2023, are dedicating all our resources to the very popular garden elements line.


When I'm not working, you'll find me in the outdoors running, hiking, fishing...experiencing all nature offers often with my wife and two beautiful grown daughters.


Lynne Camire, Owner

Lynne Camire, Office Manager


I spent most of my career in the corporate world as a program manager bringing Product visions to life on web technology.  It's a high pressure environment with constant deadlines and commitments - something I loved for many years. I was ready for something new at about the same time Paul wanted to grow his business.  Sometimes the universe aligns!

I've been able to bring my skills to the business and grow our business and our product line.  My love of gardening spurred the creation of our Garden Elements line.


When I'm not working you will find me in my garden, caring for my chickens, drawing, painting and enjoying life with the family.

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