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A Man Welding

Quality Matters

My name and reputation are attached to each piece that leaves my shop. So I make quality choices to deliver a well designed, attractive long lived product that you'll have for years to come.

North American Steel

Like many things, there are varying grades of steel.  I choose to use North American steel exclusively which has a greater overall strength and higher oxidation level ensuring decades of use.

Customer Service

We are customers too so we strive to deliver the customer experience we would want to receive. You'll receive prompt responses to inquiries, updates on status and customer service throughout and after the sale. 

Continuous & Blended Welds

You'll see some products with spot welds - only a portion of pieces are joined.  I use continuous & blended welds with no voids for improved strength. Welding voids can allow moisture in & rust to develop and are weak points in a weld.

Pride in Work

I take pride in my craft and every piece I make.  I care about my customers satisfaction as seen in all my choices - the quality raw materials, welding techniques, careful packaging and choosing a quality powder coat vendor. 


I use a combination of MIG & TIG welding where applicable to achieve smooth, clean, precise welds without cracks or spatters. TIG welding is a more advanced form of welding that takes more time and allows for precise and clean welds making it the preferred method for artwork and decorative pieces.

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