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Garden Elements are untreated iron and if left untreated, they will form surface rust.

Painted Finish DIY

You may paint or clear coat your garden element with a spray paint for metal. This will help prevent rust. Clean the item with mineral spirits or paint thinner first for the best paint adherence. Follow the manufacturer's directions for a great finished product.

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VIDEO:  How to spray paint with Rustoleum High Performance Enamel Finish - good advice whichever paint you choose

Rusted Finish DIY

To speed up the rusting process: 

1.  Lightly sand the steel and/or apply a mixture of 4 parts hydrogen peroxide, 1 part vinegar and a pinch of salt.

2.  Allow it to sit for up to an hour and gently wipe. 

3.  Repeat the process until your desired result is achieved.

For garden elements, the finial will rust more quickly than the iron stakes or legs when exposed to the elements and doesn't require any treatment.

There are other ways to encourage rusting. We suggest a google or YouTube search if you're really interested in rusting your purchase.

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