• This is the natural state of steel with a medium to dark grey color.

  • Small blemishes from the milling process may be visible.

  • The seam will be visible. We place seams in the least visible location, like the inside of the legs.

  • Natural steel will rust in time if not sealed.

  • The best choice for DIY finishing - see tips below



Matte Black

Fine Textured

Matte Clear Powder Coat Op

Matte Clear

Smooth Textured

Silver Powder Coat Finish


Smooth Texture

White Gloss Finish

Gloss White

Smooth Texture


  • Powder coating is a process in which color is baked on for a smooth, consistent, scratch, chip and corrosion resistant finish. 

  • This is the only finish we recommend for outdoor use.  

  • Powder coat finish quality is highly dependent upon the powder product, the application skill and controlled conditions of application. Our vendor specializes in military work so the precision & quality is excellent.


If your table will receive heavy use or be outdoors or you want a thicker look and feel than can be achieved by spray paint, consider a powder coat finish.

  • Thicker than spray paint by 4 to 6 times

  • Harder resulting in greater scratch & chip resistance

  • Corrosion resistance surpasses that of spray paint which can be important in very humid or salty environments

  • Powder coating is highly dependent on the quality of the product, controlled environment & application skill. Our vendor specializes in precision military and delivers superior quality results. 

How to Achieve a Quality DIY Finish

There are many times a spray painted finish is all you need and you can certainly save money this way.  The videos below will help you achieve a quality DIY finish your legs.  Always clean metal with mineral spirits or paint thinner for the best paint adherence. Follow directions to shake the can and apply light coats for a great finished product. We do not have a relationship with Rustoleum - we just like their products.

VIDEO:  Rustoleum Stops Rust paint

VIDEO:  Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel
VIDEO:  How to spray paint with Rustoleum High Performance Enamel Finish - good advice whichever paint you choose