Single Faceted Ball Hose Guides - Garden  Stakes

Single Faceted Ball Hose Guides - Garden Stakes

Protect your gardens from hose damage with these hand forged steel faceted ball garden stakes. 


Also great to:

◾ Mark sprinklers heads to avoid driving over them with the lawn tractor or car
◾ Stake smaller plants like peppers
◾ Or just add a moment of art and delight in your garden or container!


Rugged, durable, no plastic parts, no assembly so no parts to lose!


◾ Approximately 19.5" tip to tip - long enough to sink in for stability & still show 
◾ Solid steel 1/2" stake  - not hollow and flimsy
◾ Angled end to assist install
◾ Solid cast iron finial fully welded


Natural Finish

These stakes are in the natural state of steel with a medium grey metal color that will weather and rust over time. Allow them to form a natural patina, seal the natural finish with a clear coat or personalize them in any color you'd like!


SAVE $10

Want more?  Order the Set of 4 and save $10.


    Simply push the stake into the ground assisted by the angled end. In hard or compacted soil, you may need to start a pilot hole. Do not hammer the cast iron finial directly as this may damage it.


    The 2nd hose guides SHIP FREE when purchased at the same time. Use code HOSE GUIDE at checkout.