Grande Fleur de lis Garden Obelisk

Grande Fleur de lis Garden Obelisk

Add architectural detail to your garden with our garden obelisk.  Great for vining plants like peas, clematis, cucumbers, squash, climbing roses and more.  Perfect to add height to containers for visual interest.


Solid fully welded, durable, hand made and no plastic parts.


◾ Solid cast iron finial fully welded;  4-5/8" H x 2-5/8" W
◾ Solid 1/4" round tubing makes legs thin enough for vining plants to grab while sturdy enough to support heavier veggies like cukes and melons
◾ Legs have some flexibility to move in or out to fit containers
◾ No assembly required and no parts to lose


Natural Finish

The obelisk is in the natural state of steel with a medium grey metal color that will weather and rust over time. Allow them to form a natural patina, seal the natural finish with a clear coat or personalize them in any color you'd like!


    Order two obelisks and the second SHIPS FREE when ordered at the same time. Use code GRANDE OBELISK at checkout.


    The fleur de lis is an ancient symbol depicting a stylized lily.The term fleur de lis comes from the French words ‘fleur’ meaning flower and ‘lis’ meaning lily. Associated with French royalty for centuries, it signifies life, enlightenment, courage and excellence and is the Boy Scout’s symbol.

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