Acorn Garden Obelisk

Acorn Garden Obelisk

Add architectural detail to your garden with our garden obelisk.  Great for vining plants like peas, clematis, cucumbers, squash and more.  Add height to containers for visual interest.


Buy once, use a lifetime!

Solid fully welded, durable, hand made and no plastic parts.


◾ Available in 36" ,  48" and  72' heights*
◾ Solid cast iron finial fully welded;  4"H x 2-1/2" W
◾ Solid 1/4" round tubing makes legs thin enough for vining plants to grab while sturdy enough to support heavier veggies like cukes and melons
◾ Legs have some flexibility to move in or out to fit containers
◾ No assembly required and no parts to lose
◾ NATURAL FINISH - if left untreated, will rust over time. Or customize it with a coat of Rustoleum paint
**Some pics show painted obelisks - these were painted by the customer**


See more detailed information and images on our Finishes page including tips on DIY finishing.


*Heights may be 1/2" - 1" shorter for shipping considerations.

    PriceFrom $85.00